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Maggie C - I read "The Greatest of These" with some concern that I wouldn't understand some of the Biblical references due to my beginning skills and knowledge of the Bible. However; I was pleasantly surprised. The author uses wonderful imagery to allow you to build your own mental picture about the characters and their lives. You realize instantly how difficult it must have been to survive in hard times such as the Depression, but the spirit of the people is astounding. They fought to overcome, and succeeded in living genuine lives with faith in their Creator. Everyone needs to read this book, if only to end up more grateful at the lives we are able to lead.


Donna C - Written with just the sweetest voice, it draws you right in and makes you one of the family.

Eva S - A work of fiction but so real and genuine, guaranteed to touch your heart.  

Roy L - The writing just flows. In writing about ordinary life, Geneva Emerson can make it interesting and clear what it was like in the times and at the places she visits in her stories.

Jim G - Having just finishing reading your book, I so enjoyed, and admired it I'm compelled to tell you why.  It was beautifully written!  Never did you wallow in melodrama, sentimentality, bathos or pathos.  It was a terse, heart wrenching story of a family enduring endless setbacks, poverty so stark that---being from Chicago---I never knew existed in America. And you brought them to life in such a skillful way that left me breathless.  And, to your credit, the book had charm;  those people were so likable and admirable.  As I read the book, shared their grim journey, it dawned on me that you had written a love story.  For it was their love, and faith in God that enabled them to survive such unremitting hardships. I shall read it again, and again.  Thank you for writing it.

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